Project Fund Musik Modus

Dear World,

I am pleased to announce that Musik Modus Studios is growing. It has been a wicked ride so far. I have learned a great deal and discovered a musical identity that I am proud to share with the world. Newly learned skill sets have given me the ability to write music at a far greater capacity than when I started my degree and believe now more than ever in the power of music.

Yet, it is FAR from over! We are living in an incredible time for music. The progression of where it can take us in the next century is really exciting. I have many ambitions for my musical path, however they cannot establish their beginning without some funding. I humbly ask for your help and that we may work together to make this happen.

Musik Modus Studios is a center for recorded music to thrive and a safe haven for affordable recording opportunities for all musicians. However, it is more than that. It is an ideal. Derived from the Latin phrase “modus vivendi,” meaning a way of living in which differing parties come together to establish a community of peace, resolve, or settlement, Musik Modus Studios allows you to do just that in a comfortable, worry free environment. Primarily stationed as my private film composition studio, the space also serves as a collaborative center for musicians, poets, and filmmakers alike. I advocate an open-door philosophy that “all are welcome,” and do so in an effort to help build and progress culture and aim to enrich our artistic way of living.

In closing, it is extremely important that my fundraising efforts also come with the understanding that I certainly acknowledge that money is tight for ALL. This financial approach is merely an attempt to utilize the very thing I hope to give back to all whom cross my path. Artists alike are my most powerful assets and my hope is that working together with those same mindsets will help achieve a solid piece of foundation for all of us to build our future upon. Big or small, any contribution toward Project Fund Music Modus will further prove in the “Power of music.”

Please, provide some info below so that I can keep you up to date on the studio.

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