(b. 1990) is an active composer and collaborator of music in both classical and popular veins. His style is driven by a constant pursuit to expand his musical persona—pursuing all opportunities to learn through sharing and performing music with others. His music is diverse and eclectic—unified by a passion for cultivating community. He has written and/or performed for both solo and ensemble settings extending from choral work to brass quintets, solos for winds and accompanied voice, and even folk music and instrumental heavy metal. This array of output is reflected in part by his extensive range of musical interests. For three months, he held an internship composing film music and FX audio at an animation studio called Studio Peligroso in Taos, New Mexico. At this stage in his career, he is eager to contribute to a project and is always responsive to new commissions, collaborations, or chances to perform.

Eliot has been recognized by Adams State College for his high academic standing and strong musical character by receiving the Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honors for 2011. For two years, he worked as chief audio and visual engineer for Adams State Department of Music. For each year of his studies, he also received Provost and President Honors at Adams State College for his high scholastic achievements. He is a current member of both the National Association for Music Education and Colorado Music Educators Association. As the newest frontier in music industry, computer and music technology is an area of study that he fully embraces in the modern age. He is experienced with Macintosh and Windows platforms with programs like Finale, Cubase, Audacity, iLife, and more.

As a native of Taos, New Mexico, Eliot has been thoroughly enriched by the Southwest. The unique mysticism of this region has certainly inspired much of his artistic diversity. His eagerness to travel and share music with new cultures comes from a long family tradition of personal development through travel and exploration. After traveling overseas for three weeks to Iceland, he has vowed to explore more and awaits new chances to tour other countries and let their culture edify his music and vice versa.

Eliot graduated Summa cum laude from Adams State College with his Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition. He sings and performs on piano, guitar, and banjo in various classical, folk, and rock settings.

Downloads: Resume | Biography in three lengths