S.O.W.S. “Hey Mami” by Sylvan Esso

SOWS v.02

MUSIK MODUS (SOWS) pronounced [sohz]


sylvan esso - sylvan esso

Playful, infectious, throbbing electronica; that is how I am best able to sum up this week’s featured artist, Sylvan Esso. The duo spawns from the the ambitions and collaboration of vocalist Amelia Randall Meath and electronic engineer Nicholas Sanborn. Once again I found this up and coming group on NPR Music. What a wealth of good music?

My favorite aspect of this song from their latest self-titled album is that it reminds me somewhat of the whim of 90’s Pop production. Artists like Bjork at the time were playing with the concept of setting a song; creating a story of the physical location of a recording. The intro to “Hey Mami” uses that concept as it transitions from a vocal round being sung on a bustling street corner into the clean throbbing bass at the core of the song. I couldn’t help but play the song on repeat until I had it memorized.

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