S.O.W.S. “Violin” by Amos Lee

SOWS v.02

MUSIK MODUS (SOWS) pronounced [sohz]


amos lee - mission bell

As far as songwriters go, this week’s artist, Amos Lee, has his own brand of character. His words are profound and evocative and the voice that carries them is reminiscent of old-time folk singers like Willie Nelson. This week I am sharing his song “Violin” because of the context it has had in my life through the past few months. I have been working through an unfamiliar transition with new hardships. In my efforts to combat these ups and downs, I have reawakened more of the musician in me that has overseen the blessings that music offers during times like these. Here are a couple of lyrics from the song that I have related to most:

“Lately I / I’ve been heading for a breakdown / Every time I leave my house / Well, it feels just like a shake down. / … / Oh, God, why you been / Hanging out in that ol’ violin / While I’ve been waiting for you / To pull me through?”

It seems to me (and you are welcome to find other meaning in these lyrics) that Mr. Lee has overlooked the answers to his grief that rest right in front of him; inside “that ol’ violin,” much the same way I have. God has given me the means to pull my own self through what tries to hold me back on a regular basis, even if at times I am the one hindering my progress in this world. Thank God for music!

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