S.O.W.S. “Something Oceanic” by Third Seven

SOWS v.02

MUSIK MODUS (SOWS) pronounced [sohz]


third seven - cascadia

Third Seven is much more than just an inspiring artist. He is a pioneer for the brand of genuine sincerity that we should all seek for in art and music. His songwriting is forged from a part of the soul that much of the music industry has long forgotten and buried under money and image. I have been subjected to the creations of this solo artist for as long as I can remember and have listened to his cello playing since I was an adolescent. Known to the rest of the world as Third Seven (some have even called him a “Cello Wizard”), I have always known him as my brother Billy.

Third Seven is a concept that Billy Mickelson calls himself when he performs solo; just a voice, his cello, and some beats, which is a modest understatement of the complexity of what he creates. Billy is always touring and creating new music. He has performed in virtually every state in the lower 48 and has seen more of Europe touring his music, than most of us hope to see in a lifetime.

Something Oceanic strikes me as a hypnotic love song for the ocean. I find that the looped rhythm rocks the listener like waves out at sea, while the rising chord progression reaches up towards a celestial plateau. This song is only one of the many amazing songs that Billy has shared with the world in his recordings and performances. Cascadia is his latest full-length album of all new music and I hope that you find to time to listen to it from end-to-end. Please, head over to thirdseven.com to download the album for yourself, and don’t forget to offer a donation as well. I know that Billy would greatly appreciate it.

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