S.O.W.S. “You Don’t Fade” by Daughn Gibson

SOWS v.02

MUSIK MODUS (SOWS) pronounced [sohz]


daughn gibson - me moan
I am going to extend thanks for this weeks S.O.W. to L.A.-based public radio station KCRW. If you have not had the fortune of seeing any of their awesome studio sessions on YouTube, you are missing out. I encourage you to take the time to do so.

Pennsylvania native, Daughn Gibson was born Josh Martin. The rest is history. Writing music under his new name, Gibson’s songwriting is heavily influenced by his life as a blue collar worker. From truck driver to store clerk, he has done it. His music is a marriage of electronica, synth, hard country, and  Americana. What makes his music so infectious are his hypnotic rhythms, velvety baritone vocals, and Americana story-telling. His album Me Moan has all of the about. Since Daughn Gibson’s KCRW studio session of You Don’t Fade was my first listen, that is this weeks featured video. Enjoy.

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