Caught in Limbo

Transitions are funny things in the music industry, or the arts in general. They are daunting, nervous, and exciting, but at the same time they can be refreshing, relaxing, and full of surprise. I am in such a transition currently as I leave my undergraduate studies behind me and set sail. I am not a sailor but something I have known that relates is free falling.

Some of you may know the feeling. Your on edge and all that is left to do is jump. I mean you have come this far, to not take that final step would be a slap in the face. In Lincoln City, Oregon (where my father lives) there is a skate park that possess the largest cradle in North America. My brother and I call it “The Slide.” Here’s a video to explain why.

“[Facebook] The Slide, Lincoln City, Oregon”

Maybe some of you have ridden a zip-line, gone cliff jumping, or even jumped off a roof onto a trampoline? Perhaps you have even tried skydiving, base-jumping, or bungee jumping?

What ever the case, most of us understand that feeling of taking a literal “leap of faith.” You understand the paradoxical feeling of limbo. The excitement of free falling, letting go of inhibitions, being scared s***less, and having faith in yourself.

Well such transitions in a music career are quite similar. Sure it can be scary not knowing what to expect and loosing control, but there is meditation to be had in those moments of uncertainty and just remember that you need to keep faith in yourself and and an eye on the prize.

I wrote a poem in 2010 entitled “Take a Step” about a similar transition that I was experiencing at the time, which still applies to this day. I have been meaning to set this to song in some fashion, but have not yet found the appropriate music for it. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading the Musik Modus Mémoires!

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