S.O.W.S. “Minnesota, WI” by Bon Iver

SOWS v.02

MUSIK MODUS (SOWS) pronounced [sohz]


bon iver - bon iver

In an almost unexpected way, Bon Iver‘s latest, self-titled album took the nation by storm. Pitchfork rated it a 9.5 out of 10 and credited it as Best New Album. The album featured a different sonority than was utilized in their 2007 debut album For Emma, Forever Ago, or even (my favorite) Blood Bank. This “new” sound for Bon Iver exposes a brighter, more hopeful demeanor.

A friend of mine, who had never heard of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, or the unique vocal style that he produces, fell head-over-heels for this new record. This friend helped me to re-recognize and reestablish my favorite qualities in this band. The main two of which include (1) the unavoidable, hunting yet heart-warming wash of sound that is heard in each song, and (2) the awesome way in which Vernon turns a phrase. It is fairly evident that he really enjoys using cryptic language in his songs, as can be seen in his lyrics and song titles. Bon Iver particularly possess and highlights this cryptic nature through Vernon’s use of clever geography in the song titles. Vernon and I have that in common. I enjoy a good pun, turn of phrase, or riddle any day and that makes this album right up my alley. The album also has an awesome soaring energy that comes from the strong melodies and inspiring poetry–”Never gonna break, never gonna break.” Enjoy this energizing and captivating song from Bon Iver’s new album.

Also, in conjunction with their new album, Bon Iver produced an online video album to accompany the release of the CD. The video album is available for streaming in its entirety, for NO COST. This just goes to show how warm-hearted this band is. They produce art that is readily available to their fans, regardless of instant financial gain. Of coarse, this method of sharing music with fans does have the potential to motivate fans to invest in Bon Iver’s music, but that is neither here nor there. The video album may be viewed on Bon Iver’s YouTube Channel HERE.


  1. What a fantastic album. Wow, thank you for sharing this with me!

    • No, Thank you Deacon. I wouldn’t have rediscovered Bon Iver’s beauty if it was not for you. You are a great friend and musical mind.

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