What’s Next?

Playing the music field as an industry and as an entrepreneur, I have found some things come easier than others. There is certainly much validity to the phrase, “It’s all who you know,” because the rewards do not simply come to those with hopeful open-palms.

WHY? Having a network base is important to stream-lining product and connections with a larger web of people. There are also many “must-have networking tools” along this vein:

  • Online Presence (WordPress) – Hyperspace is so VERY large that it can become intimidating, especially as a fresh new business, product, service, voice, artist, etc. Owning your own domain is the critical first step. However, like a virgin to a slack-line, the second step is always the hardest. The follow-through in establishing your own chunk of the web is the most difficult step towards online success (maintain websites, update blogs, etc.)
  • Business Cards/ Printed Self-Promotion (Vistaprint) – Because, phone numbers and email addresses on sticky notes and napkins only make it as far as the trash.
  • Registering Music for Royalties (ASCAP, BMI) – A bit of money and recognition is a nice reward for all that hard work.
  • Budgeting a Studio – Investing in what will most fulfill the services you wish to provide. (The most difficult step for me thus-far)
  • Personable Public Relations – It is in your hands to be capable of human interactions that produce positive responses.

TRUTH: It has been overwhelming at times. I know that it is worth something. However, I would rather be creating the music that I am trying so hard to solicite than deciding how to share it with others.

It is important to set goals and make to-do lists. However, there is a human-healthy balance to all pursuits in life. I have found that too much dwelling on lofty needs and what I “cannot” attain leads to stressful conflict with my limitations.

Yet, even this can be overcome. I see the coin over and under.

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