10 Great Tips to Help You Fail as an Independent Artist

Echoes – Insight for Independent Artists

Read it here: 10 Great Tips…
by SCOTT JAMES on OCTOBER 14, 2010

“9. Try Your Best to Be Vague and Confusing When Describing Your Music
When someone asks you what you sound like, try to make sure they won’t understand, remember and/or be excited about what you say.  You don’t want to be painted into a corner by a concise and interesting description of your music…Read more

Sometimes sarcasm can truly be the most powerful educator. This list puts in perspective what NOT to do in the music industry—delivered in a sarcastic light, as we all know that this DOES exist and others (maybe ourselves) HAVE learned these truths the wrong way.

Please see what Echoes has to say about it.
Thanks for reading. Eliot

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